zoen.shop use cases

Are you selling products or offering services?

Then zoen.shop is exactly for you!

Whether you’re a retailer, online shop, creator, artist or a manufacturer, our platform will enable you to add a human touch to online shopping…and you don’t even need to have your own e-shop! zoen.shop will do everything for you.
zoen.shop use case - retail

Classic Retail

Fashion, electronics, wellness & beauty, sport shop, wine store, furniture,...

During a video call on zoen.shop, you can start a personal conversation with a customer and respond to their questions. “Would you like to buy a bicycle for yourself? Are you driving more in town or in the nature? Do you prefer an eBike or a clasic bicycle?” You can get more detailed information, just like during a conversation in your shop. Once the customer decides which bicycle to buy, you can propose additional products. “Would you like a helmet as well? Or a bag that can be attached to the bike? Or bike lights for the safety in the evening?” It’s a perfect opportunity to upsell and increase your revenue.

zoen.shop - use case - services


Restaurant, massage, hair & beauty salon, insurance services, cinema, theatre, bakery...

to give your customers the best services, you can arrange a zoen.shop video call upfront to discuss their wishes. They can show you pictures of their desired hairstyle and you can react immediately and offer your professional advice. “Do you want just a haircut or also to change your haircolor? Have you ever experimented with colors before? Which tone do you prefer? Do you want an appointment during the week or on the weekend?” Once you agree on the style or the cut, the customer can pay directly during the video call and make an appointment at the desired date and time at your saloon. So easy!

zoen.shop - use case - creators


Manufactures, artists, painters, sculptures and other creators of all kinds...

agree on certain things. Video call on zoen.shop lets you talk to the customer directly, as if they were in your studio. They can explain what kind of paiting they’re looking for and you can ask for more details. “Is the painting for you or is it a gift? Where it will hang, in an open space area or in a smaller room? How big do you want the canvas? What color pallete do you like?” Based on the customer’s requirements, you can show them your latest pieces and offer suggestions about the kind of painting you could create. And if needed, you can have a follow up call later to show the first draft and agree on the final details.

zoen.shop - use case - luxury products

Luxury Products

Jewelery, watches, wine, cigars, handbags, cars, designer pieces...

when they do, they expect to find the perfect item. So if you specialize in expensive watches, it is very important to understand the needs and requirements of your customers. Selling through zoen.shop video call enables you to get to know your customers better. “Is the watch for you or is it a gift? Would you like a sporty watch or more elegant? Do you want it in neutral color or something more flashy? Do you prefer automatic watch or with a battery? Do you have a preffered brand?” By asking questions and listening to your customer’s immediate feedback, you can find the perfect match for their desires. Because when you sell luxury products, you have to offer also impeccable customer service. All that is possible with zoen.shop.

zoen.shop - use case - entertainment


Activities, adventures, concerts, amusement parks, event agency,...

have options to purchase specialized tickets online to avoid long queues at the venue. With zoen.shop you can take your sales one step further. Through our video call, you can talk directly to the customer and ask about their requirements and plans. “How many people will be in your group? How many kids and how many adults? Is there anyone with special needs? Do you want the standard group ticket or VIP pass? Do you have any other requirements?” By directly communicating with the customers, you can react to their needs and find the best purchase option for them. You can also easily add other products, such as t-shirts, hats, toys and other theme-related items. Hassle free planning of a perfect day!

zoen.shop - use case - influencers


Online influencers, video makers, bloggers, social media stars,...

There are so many ways how can influencers use zoen.shop. You can make a livestream for your followers and directly sell your own products or services. It gives you a possibility to answer questions and explain details as well as properly showcase any product you’re selling. And your followers can buy it right there, during this live stream. But if you represent another brand or have a partnership with a store, you can use video call to promote their products. Or you can go to the specific shop, make a live call for your followers and they can directly buy whatever you’re presenting. It works for cosmetics, jewelry, fashion… Anything you want to sell, you can sell throught zoen.shop!